Pahuljičar KoMoMio Flockman

699.00 KM


This relationship is permanent. Low noise, easy to maintain and always at its best: the whisper-quiet electric Flaker, 100 g of fully aromatic cereal minute created. Flakes can not be more beautiful. The squeezer rolls with beveled stainless steel is located in a housing made of solid beech. For cleaning it can be inferred with a handle and without additional tools. A quick cleaning with a brush Now nothing stands in the way.

You like to experiment with new types of grain? Then the FlocMan is right for you. With its adjustable squeezing can easily flakes density are set and are created as desired polynuclear flakes for your Overnight Oats thin flakes for the perfect Granola or.

Perfect rollers for perfect flakes

The FlocMan has patented conical rollers. Thus it turns easily and does not need as a powerful engine of comparable devices – which of course is advantageous for environmental reasons. The entire squeezer is also stainless steel and metal made, so therefore extremely robust and durable. So one has continued enjoyment of the device. And for all the no plastic like: Your flakes do not come into contact with plastic parts! The squeezer you can remove and clean easily with a few simple steps.

A little tip: If the fine adjustment is not sufficient for your desired floc density, you can set the crushing plant even finer. Simply turn the white adjusting knob all the way out until it detaches leaves (NOTE: Squeezing work must be for free). Now gather the small disc that lies between white knob and crushing plant. Now screw the adjusting knob again. Now the rolls of the squeezer can close set and thus the flake thickness.

This device has the TÜV GS – tested safety. More information about the certification you can find here .

We deliver FlocMan with a matching shell.


You can for a complete overview and comparison you the Mahlgutübersicht look.


Soft cereals such as wheat ( video ), spelled, rye ( video ), kamut, emmer, einkorn, barley, green spelled, oats (only not broken, not finely ground possible)


for example, flaxseed, oats, poppy seeds, chia seeds, amaranth, sesame


z. B. Pfeffer (Video) , chili peppers, mustard seeds, cumin ( video ), fennel ( video ), coriander ( video ), cardamom, peeled cloves ( Video ), anise, rosemary, thyme, lovage

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